Our Team

Project Leader: Dr. Motti Charter
University  of Haifa, Email: chartermotti@gmail.com 
Phone: +972-544901130
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Dr. Stuart Fleischer
Co-director of the Global Awareness, Investigation and Action (GAIA) from the American International School, Israel. Website.
Prof. Ido Izhaki
University of Haifa. Website.
Amir Ezer
Volunteers in building and adding nest boxes.
Shay Halevi
Moshav Ram On- Educational projects, great tit nest boxes. and long-eared owl nest baskets project.
Hava Ravid
Moshav Ram On- Assists in building nest boxes.


Project Bird Box Israel is led by the University of Haifa in cooperation with other non-governmental (NGO) and governmental organizations: 


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Project Bird Box Israel

פרויקט תיבות קינון ישראלי
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