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About the project

There are innumerable ways to support Israel, from Mitzvah projects for disadvantaged groups such as the handicapped or victims of terror, to preserving archeological sites, to planting trees in a KKL forest, to hosting lone soldiers on weekends and holidays.  Many people wish to support to or become actively involved in Israel and are confused by the number of websites offering to take their money.  Yet donors want to feel that they are truly making a difference, not just opening up their wallets.  At Project Bird Box Israel, we offer a unique opportunity to become an integral part of Israeli society: to contribute to an improved quality of life and the continuity of the Halutzim’s dream (the early pioneers with a Zionist vision), of working and preserving the land on many levels that are educationally, environmentally, politically and socioeconomically beneficial.  Our project encourages the advancement of learning for all ages, endorses sustainable agricultural practices that are more eco-friendly, and seeks the protection of wildlife and human health. There is a growing body of researchers, farmers, educators and birdwatchers who are dedicating endless hours of their time to promoting this invaluable project. Project Bird Box Israel is led by the University of Haifa in cooperation with other non-governmental (NGO) and governmental organizations. It is very unique in that it combines applied pest control, education, public awareness, conservation, and ongoing research. The  crucial aim of this project is to supply bird boxes to farmers and schools so that they can carry out our mission of environmental protection and education. 
Dr. Motti Charter
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USA Phone number that reaches Israel 1(786)3503321

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