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Your donation to Project Bird Box Israel will be designated where it is needed most. You can rest assured that every dollar will be put to use in the most effective way possible to realize our immediate and long-term goals. Not only are funds invested in buying nest boxes for farmers and schools, we also channel donations to advising farmers in the fields about how to install, care for and manage the nesting boxes, repairing nest boxes when necessary so that the farmers won’t be burdened with this, and giving lectures in public schools and to various other audiences.

Funds are also crucial to propagate our research program. There is so much more we need to know about how Barn Owls can best be utilized as a means of biological pest control. Research is a vital part of this project and we greatly appreciate any donations to allow scientists to continue their work.

Dr. Motti Charter
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USA Phone number that reaches Israel 1(786)3503321

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