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A nice piece on new project led by Dr Motti Charter and Dr. Dan Malkinson on using barn owls and drones in agriculture.
Dr. Motti Charter explain (in Hebrew) about barn owl research in Israel on the TV program Erev Hadash on December 2017
2016-2017: Barn Owl Girl Educational STEM Reserach Project in Israel by Dr. Motti Charter 

ד"ר צ'רטר אצל לונדון את קירשנבאום, בנושא מחקרו אודות התנשמות בישראל.

צפייה מהנה!

חדשות 2  ילדי הגנים מתגייסים להצלת הציפור
סרטו על הקן של יוני הירגזים
The story of Yoni the Yargazi (Great Tit)-Educational program built from a children's book, poster and nest box, to promote the protection of Great Tits from invasive species (Myna and Ring-necked Parakeets). 
Video clip on the BARD funded workshop co-led by Dr. Motti Charter in the USA called "INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON THE USE OF BARN OWLS FOR AGRICULTURAL PEST CONTROL" 
2015-2016: Barn Owl Girl Educational STEM Reserach Project in Israel by Dr. Motti Charter 
A great movie WildIsrael by Eyal Bartov that was broadcasted in the USA and showcased our barn owl research.
​Barn Owls in pest control, cooperation and education in Israel and its neighbors 
Dr. Motti Charter visits Florida Barn Owl Pest Control Project 
30 barn owl nest boxes built by teens and placed in the fields of Moshav Ram On as a part of biological pest contol of rodents in agriculture
Nest basket use by long-eared owls and kestrels in Israel by Dr. Motti Charter 
Examples of nest box projects in the Adiga Middle School, located in the very loyal and amazing Circassian village of Kfar Kama, Israel, and WBAIS school Even Yehuda, Israel. The Circassian serve are great people that serve in the army, have an amazing culture and now also have nest boxes! 
Dr. Charter dissecting owl pellets with children 
An award-winning film about barn owls as biological pest control agents in Israel
GAIA trip: Pest control central, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
An example of an educational project of building nest boxes in a school
Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians during a workshop on the environment, which involved learning how to build nest boxes
Flying high with some barn owls in one of the projects' nest boxes
BBC- The Israel-Jordan barn owl love that knows no borders
Dr. Motti Charter in the World Owl hall of fame
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