The Charter Lab of Wildlife Ecology



Our labs general interest is in wildlife populations and community dynamics. To this extent we are interested in how different biotic and abiotic factors affect breeding success in birds. We have been studying for the past 10 years competitive interactions (both native and invasive species species), reproductive behavior of breeding birds and the evolution of color traits in barn owls. To this end we have researched different small mammal populations (mainly social voles and house mice), diurnal (common kestrels) and nocturnal raptors (barn owls and long-eared owls), song birds (great tits and house sparrow), and invasive species (ringed-parakeet and common myna). We especially interested predator-prey interactions in both academic and applied research (using wildlife for ecosystem services). Specifically whether predators can reduce and control pest species (rodents and insects). Lastly, we are also very interested in citizen science and STEM educational projects to introduce middle and high school students to academic research. 
Dr. Motti Charter
Tel: +972-54-490-1130;  Fax: +972-4-696-1930

USA Phone number that reaches Israel 1(786)4058964

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