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Our Work

Nest boxes

The main goal of Project Bird Box Israel is to provide nest boxes to farmers and to schools (kindergarten through high school). We want to assist in funding the use of nest boxes for those farmers that choose to make Israel a better place to live by using environmentally-friendly pest control and reduce pesticide use. We not only assist farmers by providing nest boxes but also by adding and repairing them in their fields. We also want to prevent any schools being left without nest boxes just because they do not have the budget. We need to invest as much in the future of kids as we possibly can, since the children of today Israel's future


We lecture to both young and old from all kinds of backgrounds—kindergartens, schools, farmers,  and general audiences—to promote public awareness, conservation and biological pest control.

Work with farmers in the field

We travel around to farmers advising them of how to improve the effectiveness of nest boxes for the barn owls. Many farmers add boxes in locastion that are less suitable for barn owls. By suggesting better locations we are able to increase the number of barn owls using them and therefore decrease the total population of pests. 

Dr. Motti Charter
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