Our Group

Dr. Motti Charter ד''ר מוטי צ'רטר

Head of the Charter Group of Wildlife Ecology

Senior researcher at the Shamir Research Institute and senior lecturer at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa

Noah Zeevi

Group field and lab technician

Responsible for coordinating research projects.

Dana Klein

Education, citizen science, and outreach technician

In charge of citizen science barn owl educational project

Dor Keshet

MSc student of University of Haifa

MSc student of University of Haifa, co-supervised by Prof. Ido Izhaki. Studies the effect of farming practices, predators and rodenticides on rodent populations in agriculture.

Gabe Rozman

MSc student of Hebrew University

MSc student of Hebrew University in the lab of Prof Ran Nathan (MSc student of Hebrew University) and co-supervised by Motti Charter. Gabe is studying movement ecology in barn owls.

Daniel Sailer

Field technician

In charge of building and assembling research devices and field work.

Ela Avidor

Field technician

Responsible for using great tits in biological pest control of coddling moth study.